Thursday, 2 February 2012

Mipony captchatrader Plugin download FREE

The captchatrader plugin is useful if you regularly download from filesharing sites with download managers like Mipony. The captchatrader plugin is available for Mipony.  This is an anticaptcha plugin and is also available for other software like Jdownloader, Pyload and Fritzload. Compared to these,  it's easiest to configure the captchatrader plugin for Mipony.

Click here to create a captchatrader account  if you do not have one.

Make sure that you provide a valid email address to use the captchatrader plugin. On verifying your account, you will get 100 free credits from captchatrader.

Download the Mipony captchatrader plugin by clicking the link below

Mipony captchatrader plugin

Exit mipony if you are using it and run CaptchaTrader-Mipony-Plugin-Installer.exe

The plugin will make the captchatrader website popup. Log in if you have logged out and click on

  • Account

  • Copy your passkey, which looks like 0w2349e3898ldkjw909823lwjoiwpw234jdj233a

    Click on the Options button in Mipony --> Plugins 

    You will see PluginCaptchaTrader in the list. Now click on the options next to that and enter your name and passkey in the fields.

    Set the max failed tries per downlad to a lower value say 5, so that your captchatrader credits are not wasted if some error occurs while downlaoding.

    Click Ok button and your'e done. Captchatrader plugin will automatically decode the captcha for you.

    But the credits will keep getting deducted for every download. Make sure that you earn credits when you are free by going to the Earn credits tab.

    If you don't want to Earn credits, you can buy then cheaply by going to the buy credits tab.

    Enjoy your downloads with Mipony captchatrader  plugin!